Category: - DWTSGame Season 4
Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): On Wednesday, all 16 of our remaining stars danced again for your votes (clips from Week 4 are shown). This time... 10's were handed out like popsicles (clips of 10's being awarded), Oprah stormed off stage (clips of Oprah), and Sandra scored the earliest 40 in DWTSGame History (clips of Sandra's scoring). 

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Tonight, we must let two more of our celebrities go. Only 4 days away from our first ever Partner Ditch dances, who will miss out on dancing with another fellow competitor? (more clips shown) Find out. LIVE! This is... Dancing with the Stars!
Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): Last week… Tom surprisingly stormed the leaderboard (clips of Tom) Rihanna and Sandra weren't as strong (clips of Rihanna and Sandra) but it was Arnold (clip of Arnold) and Curtis (clip of Curtis) who left the ballroom.

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Tonight, our couples dance a Viennese Waltz, Rumba or a Samba (clips of grueling training) - but soon, two more couples will leave the competition. (shots of promo pics) Live… This is Dancing with the Stars!