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Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): This week on Dancing with the Stars (clips from Week 8 play)... Sandra was "True Hollywood Glamor", Hank's scores suffered greatly, Cher showed her sweet side, and Tom scored a perfect 40, landing in first place, yet again!

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Tonight... We have our stars competing in a special Game Day and Kanye West stops by for a song. After such a thrilling week of double scores, are we in for a surprise ending like we saw last week? (more clips shown) Find out. LIVE! This is... Dancing with the Stars!
Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): Last week… (clips of week 7) Everything that was unexpected happened. Sandra had a wardrobe malfunction, Reese and Valerie had a dispute, Tom and Kym won the Jitterbug marathon, and Peta was called a chicken.

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): But the real shock didn’t happen until Rihanna and Zac Efron were eliminated (clip of eliminations). This week… (training clips shown) All 8 of our surprising survivors will dance once for two sets of scores. After such an unexpected week, are we in for another now? LIVE! This is Dancing with the Stars!