Week 1 Results - DWTSGame Season 4
Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): On Wednesday, all 10 of our guys took their turns spinning and turning and jiving and grooving during our Season premier (clips from Week 1 are shown). From arguments (clips of Lil Wayne and Julianne play) to cute dances (Tom & Kym's dance is shown) to dancing duds (Hugh's dance is shown), Week 1, alone, showed everyone how wild and crazy this season will be.

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Now, our audience has voted. Our couples have waited long enough and are anxious to learn their fate. Will we see our lowest scorer go home (more clips of Hugh shown) or will we have a surprise (clips of Hank shown) on this, our first elimination. LIVE! This... is Dancing with the Stars!

The opening sequence starts. Hank is first shown picking up Edyta. Sandra then does an elegant spin with Derek. Steve jokes around with Chelsie. Cher does a fierce pose while Maksim looks on. Zooey and Damian do a sexy, demure pose. Zac and Peta do a large jump. Tina fools around with Louis. Tom casually holds Kym. Hugh gives Karina a close look. Gaga does a vampire-esque pose on Dmitry. Logan does a secret handshake with Jeanine. Lil' Wayne holds Nicole under his legs. Lee does a ballroom pose with Corky. Katy and Mark spin around, jumping. Rihanna and Val go close to each others mouths. Arnold almost uses Cheryl as a weight. Cody does a dynamic, fun pose with Julianne. Curtis performs a New Yorker with Anna. Oprah giggles around with Alec. Reese and Tony close in a smooth pose. The DWTS logo is shown.

Brittany and Kendall are seen in the balcony audience.

Kendall: Hello, and Welcome to Dancing with the Stars! I'm Kendall Schmidt.
Brittany: And I'm Brittany Brannon.
Kendall: Tonight, we find out the answer to the question everybody has been asking. "Who will go home?"
Brittany: That's right! This is the first elimination of the season, and it promises to be something special.
Kendall: But right away, let's get to the encore performance!

Brittany: And for that we go to head judge, Len Goodman. Len, which dance do you think deserves the first encore of the season?
Len: Well, all 4 of us had mixed feelings about most of the dances, but we can all agree that this dance was THE dance from Wednesday's show, and that was the Salsa performed by Hank and Edyta. (HUGE applause from audience)
Kendall: There you have it! So, without further adieu, please welcome back Hank & Edyta! (applause continues)

Hank is wearing his cut-open red top. Edyta is wearing her short red latina dress. They dance their Salsa to "De Todo Un Poco" by Michael Lloyd. Moments later, the dance is finished. Hank & Edyta are rewarded with monster cheering from the audience.

Kendall: Way to go, guys! That was even better the second time around!
Brittany: Totally agree with you there, Kendall! Now, Hank's dance wasn't the only memorable moment from Wednesday's premier. From an argument about age difference, to a deadly Playboy-themed Foxtrot, to better than expected performances from our older men, Week 1 was filled with many great moments.
Kendall: Now, if you missed Wednesday's show, here's a little montage. Take a look...

A montage/recap of all of the dances from Week 1 are played.

Brittany: OK, so now that you've seen what our guys have done, let's see where they ended up on our judge's leaderboard for the night.

Kendall: In 10th place is Hugh and Karina with 15 out of 40 (clip from Hugh's dance is shown)
Hugh (confessional): That was really dissapointing. I think they really went hard on me because of my age.
Brittany: In 9th place is Arnold and Cheryl with 22 out of 40 (clip from Arnold's dance is shown)
Cheryl (confessional): I was expecting that to go such a different way! Looks like we've got our work cut out for us!
Kendall: In 8th place is Cody and Julianne with 23 out of 40 (clip from Cody's dance is shown)
Julianne (confessional): That was complete *bleep*! You danced so much better than they gave you credit for! We should've gotten an 8 like Curtis, and he didn't even deserve his! What the *bleep* is wrong with the judges? It wasn't our choice to be partners! (Cody scoots away from Julianne)
Brittany: In a three-way tie for 5th place is Logan and Jeanine, Curtis and Anna, and Lil Wayne and Nicole all with 26 out of 40 (clips from Logan, Curtis, and Lil Wayne's dances are show)
Logan (confessional): HOLY CRAP! I didn't even expect to get half of that! Awesome possum! (audience laughs)
Anna (confessional): I am so proud of you Curtis! Great job! I can't believe we got the first 8 of the season!
Lil Wayne (confessional): I think that old man Len is full of *bleep*. that was bee-u-tiful! What he smokin'?
Kendall: In 4th place is Steve and Chelsie with 27 out of 40 (clip from Steve's dance is shown)
Steve (confessional): OH MY GOD!!! WHAT WAS THAT OUT THERE!!! (crowd is howling with laughs) Am I not sexy or what? (Chelsie cracks up)
Brittany: In a tie for 2nd place is Tom and Kym and Zac and Peta both with 28 out of 40 (clips from Tom and Zac's dances are shown)
Kym (confessional): Oh my! I'm so proud of you! Way beyond my expectations!
Tom: Is that an insult or a compliment? (Kym laughs in confessional; audience laughs)
Zac (confessional): That was off the chain! (high-fives Peta) All right! Yeah!
Kendall: And in 1st place is Hank and Edyta with 30 out of 40 (clip from Hank's dance is shown)
Hank (confessional): Oh boy, Kendra sure ain't gonna like this! (audience laughs)

Leaderboard recap ends

Kendall: And now... let's get to some results! Tons of you voted online at dwtsgame4.weebly.com over the past three days with your votes.
Brittany: We received an incredible amount of votes for Week 1... In fact, the most we have ever recieved in DWTSGame history! (audience cheers)
Kendall: Now, in no apparent order, let's reveal the first 4 couples who have been saved with the help of your votes, and 1 couple that has landed in the dreaded bottom-two.

Dramatic elimination theme music plays

Brittany: The first couple safe to dance next week is... (camera pan the couples) ...Zac and Peta! (cheers; Zac hug-lifts Peta)
Kendall: The next couple safe to dance is... (camera pans couples) ...Tom and Kym! (cheers; Kym hugs Tom)
Brittany: Another couple safe to dance is... (camera pans couples) Thank god! Curtis and Anna! (cheers; Anna smiles)
Kendall: And the fourth couple that's safe is... (camera pans couples) BIG surprise. Hank and Edyta! (cheers; Hank lifts Edyta)
Brittany: Now, let's reveal the first couple in the bottom-two. That couple is... (camera pans couples) Hugh and Karina. (minimal boos; Karina is agitated)

Regular lighting returns

Kendall: Whew... a lot just happened here. Zac, Tom, Curtis, and Hank are all safe. And Hugh and Karina are in jeopardy of leaving.
Brittany: Let's relieve the tension in the room with some fresh music from a new band, which has the distinction of being the first Asian-American group to earn a top ten hit on the Mainstream Pop charts in the United States.
Kendall: Here singing their Billboard Top 100 chart-topping song, "Like a G6", please welcome Far East Movement! (crowd goes wild)

Far East Movement performs their song "Like a G6" while Jeanine and Mark dance to it dressed in leather jackets and black pants with Converse.

Brittany: Whoo hoo! That was awesome!
Kendall: You bet, Brit!
Brittany: Hey, Ken-dall, have you ever wondered what it would be like to guest judge the DWTSGame for one night?
Kendall: Oh boy! Only every waking moment of every single day! Why do you ask, my beautiful co-host? (audience laughs as they catch on to the hosts' cheesy banter)
Brittany: I only ask because for one lucky viewer, that dream could become a reality!
Kendall: Yeah, that's right! Next season, the DWTSGame will allow 1 lucky viewer the chance to guest judge a week of their favorite game! But how?
Brittany: By the most conventional way possible... a crossword puzzle!
Kendall: Whaaaaa? (Kendall gives a funny look; audience laughs)
Brittany: If you go the the website of the upcoming season of the DWTSGame, http://dwtsgame5.weebly.com, and click on the tab for more pages, in the drop down menu, you'll find a tab that says 'Crossword Puzzle'. Click that!
Kendall: Once you're there, you have clues as to who our 18 virtual celebrity dancers will be next season. Your mission is to fill out the crossword correctly and submit the answers to the DWTSGame! Any submissions with incorrect answers will recieve an e-mail asking them to 'Try Again'.
Brittany: However, if you succeed at guessing our stars, then congratulations, you're a step ahead of everyone! (laughs) Oh, and you will be contacted by our DWTSGame producer, Natalie, telling you you've won and from there you will set-up your judging appearance! But sadly, only the first person who gets all 18 contestants correct will win.
Kendall: So if you want to be a part of the biggest online DWTS sensation, please go to http://dwtsgame5.weebly.com. Submissions will be taken until the cast announcement, so hurry up "while supplies last". (laughs)

Brittany: (now backstage) I'm here with a couple of the guys that have learned their fate and a couple who haven't. (Tom, Hugh, Cody, and Steve stand around Brittany) Let's start with Tom. Tom, how does it feel to know that America loved your dance enough to keep you?
Tom: Well... It feels just amazing (sarcastic tone; audience laughs) I'm just glad everyone reacted so well to such a whimsical dance. I had the night planned out in my mind. I would dance, the judges would hate it, and I would be boo'ed from the stage. It didn't go anything like that! (crowd howls)
Brittany: Haha, very well then. Hugh, were you expecting to be put in the bottom-two after your performance?
Hugh: You know, I, myself, thought the dance wasn't as bad as they made it out to be. I would've liked it if it were all 4's or at least a 5 somewhere in there. But the judges have their opinions, and I respect that.
Brittany: OK. Cody, yours was the most talked about dance from Wednesday night, for obvious reasons. What's your take on how things went down?
Cody: Thank you. I really found it unfair how the judges gave us 5's for not being close to each other's age. (applause from teens) I really think that they scored me based on my age and not my dancing, which isn't fair, and not what this show is about. (applause from entire audience
Brittany: Alright. And finally... (Steve has a goofy look; Brittany laughs) The funniest man backstage, Steve Carell. Steve, you did really well on Wednesday night. Do you think America backed you up with their votes?
Steve: Actually, Brittany... I'm the funniest man in the building. (laughs) Seriously, I blew myself away with the dance I did.
Brittany: That's what she said. (audience laughs and gradually applauds Brittany)
Steve: Wow! Thank you for that reference to 'The Office'. Let's try sticking to this show, kid! (audience laughs) but, yes, I do think the audience will back me up, and not because of my dancing, but for my raw, emotional sex-appeal. (laughing continues) That alone will win me that trophy.
Brittany: Well... there you have it! Cody, Steve, go meet the others out there with Kendall! (Steve and Cody head on stage) Over to you Kendall!

Kendall: Thanks, Brit! Let's revisit our results portion of this Results show. We can now reveal the fate of the rest of our couples. In no apparent order, the next couple safe from elimination is... (camera pans couples) ...Lil Wayne and Nicole! (cheers; Lil Wayne flashes his grill)
Brittany: (now next to Kendall) The next couple safe to dance next week is... (camera pans couples) Aren't we all lucky. Steve and Chelsie! (huge cheers; Chelsie hugs Steve, who gives a thumbs-up to Brittany)
Kendall: The next couple is... (camera pans Logan, Arnold, and Cody) Logan and Jeanine! (cheers; Logan high-fives Jeanine)
Brittany: As you can see, we have 2 couples left up here, 2 spots left in the competition, and 1 spot left in the bottom-two. We will now call the name of the last star that is safe from elimination. And he is... (camera pans Arnold and Cody) ...Cody and Julianne! (huge cheers; Cody does the Air Guitar)
Kendall: Which means Arnold and Cheryl will join Hugh and Karina in the bottom-two. (Cheryl looks aggrivated; audience 'awws')

Brittany: But before we eliminate our first celebrity, let's go over to our female contestants and see what they have in store for us next week. (All of the women are lined up, sitting in the audience) We'll start with Tina Fey, right here. Tina, any spoilers as to what you'll be doing next week?
Tina: Uh, sure... I'll be dancing a dance with Louis to a song that people dance to. (audience laughs; Brittany is slightly confused)
Brittany: (walks over to Lee Meriwether) Lee, you're the oldest women of the bunch. Do you think all of these younger ladies have a run for their money?
Lee: (laughs) Oh, I'll sure try to! I may not be the most youthful female here, but I am surely not giving up without a fight, and that is exactly what I intend to do next week.
Brittany: (over to Cher) Cher, how are you and Maks getting along?
Cher: (laughs) Oh, that sure is a question. First off, beautiful hair, sweetheart!
Brittany: (giddy) Why thank you!
Cher: Maksim and I are getting along. He is pushing way past the point of breaking, but I can take it. (laughs at her joke) You'll enjoy our Cha-Cha next week.
Brittany: (over to Rihanna) And finally, Rihanna... (audience applauds; Rihanna smiles) You're dancing a Waltz next week. We all know you can do pop, but how is ballroom dancing working out so far?
Rihanna: Hi! I gotta agree with Cher-ry, you're hair is so nice. (Brittany is giddy again) Um, I'm not a ballroom dancer, I'm a singer who shakes her butt to some choreographed moves. It's a big switch, but yeah, I'm doing well. (auience applauds)
Brittany: Awesome! Well, from what you've heard here, next week will be amazing! Kendall...

Kendall: Thanks Brit! Beautiful hair, by the way. (winks) Well, all night we've been putting this off as long as possible, but now it must happen. Let's just rip this band-aid right off. The couple leaving is... (Cheryl and Karina gasp) Just kidding! Let's do this right! (audience laughs) Hugh and Karina and Arnold and Cheryl have landed in the bottom-two after combining the judge's scores with your votes.
Brittany: (back with Kendall) Now, both of these men are both very well respected, and we don't want either to go. Len, (turns to judges) any predictions on who's about to leave?
Len: Well, this is a tough bottom-two for the first week. Here we have the Terminator and the Playboy founder both potentially going home. It's just very unfair for Week 1. But, if I had to put money on who will be gone next week, that bet would go for Hugh and Karina. (Karina is depressed) Karina is a good teacher, but Hugh, you were not entertaining not very good.
Kendall: Carrie Ann, what if Arnold and Cheryl leave?
Carrie Ann: Well, of course it would be a loss. He's the Terminator! He's got mega star-power. But this is a dance show, and his dance lacked technique, which you need to succeed. (Cheryl looks upset) I hope neither goes, but sadly one is about to. Let's see who it is.

Kendall: Very well, then! On this first week of elimination, let's see who goes home.

Dramatic elimination music plays

Kendall: (camera goes to Hugh) Hugh and Karina. Hugh, your Playboy-themed Foxtrot failed to impress the judges, even earning the lowest score and paddle in DWTSGame history. Does the audience want you back next week? (short pause)
Brittany: (camera goes to Arnold) Arnold and Cheryl. Arnold, your Foxtrot underwhelmed the judges, calling it surprisingly stiff and not as good as hoped. Has your first dance indeed become your last? (short pause)
Kendall: (camera pans Hugh and Arnold) Hugh and Karina... Arnold and Cheryl... On this first week of competition, the couple with the lowest overall total and therefore leaving right now is...

Elimination music plays and camera pans in

Kendall: Hugh and Karina. (audience 'ahhs' and applauds Hugh)
Brittany: Which means Arnold and Cheryl, you're safe! (Arnold shakes Hugh's hand, Cheryl hugs Karina)

Kendall: Hugh and Karina, come on down here, you guys! (Hugh and Karina walk down to Kendall and Brittany)
Brittany: Hugh... it's the end of the road. Is there anything you'll take away from this experience with Karina?
Hugh: I just want to say that this young lady is the best instructor that Dancing with the Stars has to offer. It was a wonderful 5 weeks and I was honored to be a part of it. (audience applauds)
Kendall: And Karina, is there anything you want to say to Hugh?
Karina: (seemingly upset) Just that he was such a fun person to get to know, and that these past 5 weeks have been very entertaining. Thank you, Hugh. (Hugh and Karina hug; audience gives standing ovation)

Brittany: Well guys, please take the floor for your final dance. And as we leave you with Hugh and Karina's final dance (music starts; Hugh and Karina start dancing), please remember to tune in next Wednesday as our ladies try to wow you and win you over with either a Cha-Cha-Cha or a Waltz.
Kendall: But for now, I'm Kendall Schmidt.
Brittany: And I'm Brittany Brannon!
Kendall: Good night and thank you for watching!

cast gathers around Hugh and Karina, credits roll, camera fades out
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