Week 4 Results - DWTSGame Season 4
Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): On Wednesday, all 16 of our remaining stars danced again for your votes (clips from Week 4 are shown). This time... 10's were handed out like popsicles (clips of 10's being awarded), Oprah stormed off stage (clips of Oprah), and Sandra scored the earliest 40 in DWTSGame History (clips of Sandra's scoring). 

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Tonight, we must let two more of our celebrities go. Only 4 days away from our first ever Partner Ditch dances, who will miss out on dancing with another fellow competitor? (more clips shown) Find out. LIVE! This is... Dancing with the Stars!

The opening sequence starts. Hank is first shown picking up Edyta. Sandra then does an elegant spin with Derek. Steve jokes around with Chelsie. Cher does a fierce pose while Maksim looks on. Zooey and Damian do a sexy, demure pose. Zac and Peta do a large jump. Tina fools around with Louis. Tom casually holds Kym. Hugh gives Karina a close look. Gaga does a vampire-esque pose on Dmitry. Logan does a secret handshake with Jeanine. Lil' Wayne holds Nicole under his legs. Lee does a ballroom pose with Corky. Katy and Mark spin around, jumping. Rihanna and Val go close to each others mouths. Arnold almost uses Cheryl as a weight. Cody does a dynamic, fun pose with Julianne. Curtis performs a New Yorker with Anna. Oprah giggles around with Alec. Reese and Tony close in a smooth pose. The DWTS logo is shown.

Brittany and Kendall are seen standing in the audience.

Brittany: Hello, and Welcome to Dancing with the Stars! I'm Brittany Brannon.
Kendall: And I'm Kendall Schmidt.
Brittany: Tonight, we find out which two celebrities are leaving us only 4 days before our first ever Partner Ditch dances. Who will the unlucky two be?
Kendall: After Wednesdays show, the leaderboard was again shaken up as Sandra took the lead from Hank and Lady Gaga found herself near the bottom.
Brittany: Right away, let's get to the encore performance!

Kendall: And for that we go to head judge, Len Goodman. Len, which dance do you think deserves the encore for Week 4?
Len: We obviously want Sandra and Derek and their perfect Viennese Waltz back for another time. It was simply memorable. (HUGE applause from audience)
Brittany: No way! Please welcome back for the second time, Sandra and Derek! (applause continues)

Sandra is wearing her long white dress. Derek is in his white dress shirt with grey vest and pants. They re-do their Viennese Waltz to “Every Day” by Rascal Flatts. Once they've finished, they receive another standing ovation.

Kendall: I think I'm starting to tear up, Brittany. (Kendall pretends to cry
Brittany: It's OK, Kendall. Be strong! Now, Sandra's dance wasn't the only highlight from Wednesday's episode. We saw many fun Sambas, touching Viennese Waltzes, and romantic Rumbas.
Kendall: Now, if you didn't catch our episode on Wednesday, here's a little montage of what you missed out on. Take a look...

A montage/recap of all of the dances from Week 4 are played. A leaderboard recap is played with comments from each of the stars after their dances.

Brittany: And now... let's get to some results! So many of you voted online at dwtsgame4.weebly.com over the past three days with your votes.
Kendall: This week we actually got the most votes of the season this week! (audience cheers)
Brittany: Now, in no apparent order, let's reveal the first 4 couples who have been saved with the help of your votes, and 1 that has landed in the bottom-three.

Dramatic elimination theme music plays

Kendall: The first couple safe to dance next week is... (camera pan the couples) ...Tina and Louis! (cheers; Tina's eyes bulge with amazement)
Brittany: The next couple safe to dance is... (camera pans couples) ...Katy and Mark! (cheers; Katy hugs Mark)
Kendall: Another couple safe to dance is... (camera pans couples) Hank and Edyta! (cheers; Edyta hugs Hank)
Brittany: The fourth couple that's safe is... (camera pans couples) Steve and Chelsie! (cheers; Steve gives Brittany a 'thumbs-up')
Kendall: Now, let's reveal the first couple in the bottom-three. That couple is... (camera pans couples) Oprah and Alec. (boos; Oprah smiles)

Regular lighting returns

Brittany: So, Tina, Katy, Hank, and Steve are all safe, and Oprah is in the bottom-three. Man, things haven't been too easy for Oprah. Right now, our special musical guests are here, singing their new single, "Worldwide", please welcome, Big Time Rush! (major cheers)

Big Time Rush performs "Worldwide" while Peta and Damian perform a contemporary dance. Damian and Peta perform some amazing lifts.

Brittany: Great song, BTR! And, of course, great job Kendall! They'll be back later to sing a fan favorite! We want to take a moment and remind you all to sign up for the guest judge competition for Season 5. All you need to do is guess the stars with the help of our crossword puzzle! Try it out! To try it, please go to http://dwtsgame4.weebly.com/crossword.html. Right now, we have a video featuring an intervention between the judges and Oprah to set things straight.

VT plays. We see clips of Oprah's dances. Oprah says the judges haven't have one nice thing to say about her dancing since she stepped foot on the floor. She calls out Bruno for being the harshest of the 4 judges. When asked why he never eases up on Oprah, Bruno says "I'll gladly raise her scores when she learns to improve her dancing." The VT ends with things between Oprah and the judges almost resolved. The judges say they will ease up the next week.

Kendall: (now backstage) Well, let's get to talking with some of our headlining stars from Wednesday (Zac, Zooey, Cher, and Lil Wayne gather around Kendall) And we'll start with Zac Efron, here. Zac... The girls in our audience liked your performance a little bit. Do you think you should've gotten better scores?
Zac: (laughs) Yeah, I think they liked it. I got a 10 for it, so I'm happy. I'll push myself better next week.
Kendall: We hope so. Now, Zooey, your dance was very emotional. Where did you get the inspiration for it?
Zooey: I think we got the idea from the lyrics. Dami and I listened to it for hours and after a while it sort of came to us.
Kendall: It was awesome! Can't wait for next week. Cher, your Samba was such fun this week. Any hints for what next week may bring?
Cher: I don't know... Maybe I'll pop out of a giant cake. (laughs) I'm really looking foreward to the Partner Ditch dances.
Kendall: Oh, boy! Can't wait for that either. Now... Lil Wayne. Any ideas on who your celebrity partner should be next week?
Lil Wayne: Ya'know, I'd love it if I could dance with a more mature lady like Oprah or Cher (puts arm around Cher) I'll be fine with anyone, though!
Kendall: We'll see what we can do, man! Let's go out to Brittany for some more results.

Brittany: Thanks Brit! Now, it's time we announce 5 more stars who are safe and 1 more who's landed in the bottom-three with Oprah and Alec. In no apparent order, the next couple safe from elimination is... (camera pans couples) ...Tom and Kym! (cheers; Kym hugs Tom)
Kendall: (now with Brittany) Hey, Brit! Missed you! The next couple safe is... (camera pans couples) ...Lil Wayne and Nicole! (cheers; Lil Wayne smiles)
Brittany: The next safe couple is... (camera pans couples) ...Reese and Tony! (cheers; Reese hugs Tony)
Kendall: Another couple returning next week is... (camera pans couples) ...Zac and Peta! (cheers; Peta hugs Zac)
Brittany: The fifth safe couple is... (camera pans couples) ...Cody and Julianne! (cheers; Cody does an air-guitar)
Kendall: And the next couple in the bottom-three is... (camera pans couples) ...Cher and Maksim. (boos; Cher chuckles slightly)

Brittany: Wow... Oprah and Cher are in the bottom-three so far! What is happening? Anyways... Back with their biggest fan favorite, please welcome back Kendall and Big Time Rush! (audience cheers as Kendall re-joins his band to sing)

Big Time Rush sings "Till I Forget About You" as Cheryl, Karina, Kym, Maksim, Tony, and Derek do a pro-group dance.

Brittany: Great job, BTR. Hurry on down here, Kendall! (Kendall runs down to Brittany)
Kendall: Let's find out the fate of our remaining five couples. The next star safe from elimination is... (camera pans couples) ...SANDRA and DEREK! (cheers; Sandra hugs Derek)
Brittany: Another star securing their spot in next week's competition is... (camera pans couples) ...Logan and Jeanine! (cheers; Jeanine kisses Logan on the cheek)
Kendall: The next safe couple is... (camera pans couples) ...Rihanna and Val! (cheers; Rihanna jumps up and down)
Brittany: As you can see, we have 2 couples left up here, 2 spots left in the competition, and 1 spot left in the bottom-two. We will now call the name of the last couple that is safe from elimination. And they are... (camera pans Lady Gaga and Zooey) ...Zooey and Damian! (cheers; Zooey smiles)
Kendall: Which means Lady Gaga and Dmitry will join Oprah and Cher in the bottom-three. (audience erupts with boos; LG smiles)

Brittany: Wait, wait, wait... Lady Gaga is in the bottom-three with Oprah and Cher? What? Oh my god!
Kendall: Well, for our 13 stars that know they're safe, next week is gonna be a whole new experience. To sample what they'll be doing, Brittany and I took matters into our own hands. Take a look...

VT runs. We see Brittany and Kendall dance a sample Partner Ditch, choreographed by Corky and Anna T.

Brittany: A few other things that'll be going on next week are that... Bruno will not be with us as he has Italian work to attend to (audience awws), and in his place will be 9 celebrity guest judges from Season 27 onward, and all of our celebrity couples will also be dancing 2 Team dances.

Kendall: And now... It's that time of the show...
Brittany: Let's just get it over with.
Kendall: Oprah and Alec, Cher and Maksim, and Lady Gaga and Dmitry have all found themselves in the bottom-three. Let's find out the results.

Dramatic elimination music plays

Kendall: (camera goes to Oprah) Oprah and Alec. Oprah, your Rumba wasn't a success at all, but the big drama didn't come until your dance was finished, when you suddenly walked off stage. Does America want more drama?
Brittany: (camera goes to Cher) Cher and Maksim. Cher, your Samba was an improvement over your Tango, but ultimately wasn't too thrilling. Are you going to be around to provide more surprises?
Kendall: (camera goes to Lady Gaga) Lady Gaga and Dmitry. LG, after you tried to simplify your Viennese Waltz, the judges called it dull and placed you near the bottom of the leaderboard. Will next week be an improvement?
Kendall: (camera pans Oprah, Cher, and Lady Gaga) Oprah and Alec... Cher and Maksim... Lady Gaga and Dmitry... On this fourth week of competition, the first couple with the lowest overall total and therefore leaving right now is...

Elimination music plays and camera pans in

Kendall: Oprah and Alec. (audience boos; Oprah hugs Alec)
Brittany: Oh, guys, come on down here and join us for the next elimination. (Oprah and Alec walk down to Brittany and Kendall)

Kendall: Sadly, we must eliminate another celebrity right now. Cher and Maksim... Lady Gaga and Dmitry... On this fourth week of competition, the second couple with the lowest overall total and therefore leaving right now is...

Elimination music plays and camera pans in again

Brittany: (gasps) Lady Gaga and Dmitry. (audience erupts with boos to the point of the dialogue from the hosts becoming inaudible)
Kendall: (shocked look) Which means Cher and Maks, you're safe. (small cheers; Cher and LG hug and Dmitry and Maksim high-five as Lady Gaga and Dmitry walk down to Oprah and Alec)

Brittany: Well, the crowd is speaking for itself... I cannot believe that Lady Gaga has been eliminated... in Week 4! How did this happen?
Kendall: I don't know, Brit. LG, what just happened?
Lady Gaga: (laughs) hey, I beat five other couples... That's better than I thought I'd do. It's ultimately the public's decision and if they decide that I'm not going to stay for another week, I must respect that. I'll try and come back and sing for you all in a few weeks! (audience applauds)
Brittany: Dmitry? Final thoughts?
Dmitry: Well, although it was very, very, very shortlived, I'm going to miss dancing with LG. Her style was something out of the ordinary, and I loved it! Please give me someone like her next season! (laughs)
Brittany: And Oprah! Aw man, we're gonna miss your strength in this competition. We've never had someone fight as hard as you. What will you miss the most about the DWTSGame?
Oprah: I'll miss you the most, precious (hugs Brittany). I'm glad that my fanbase was able to put me through 4 weeks of this. I had a blast and I am so thankful that you wanted me. Thank you. (audience cheers)
Kendall: Alec... Thoughts?
Alec: I just think that the judges could've been a lot nicer. It really took away from Oprah's experience on the show. She really tried and I can vouch for millions of people when I say "I am proud of her." What an inspiration.(standing ovation; Oprah and Alec hug, Oprah starts crying)

Brittany: We're so sorry to do this, ladies, but please go take your final dance over there (music starts; LG, Oprah, Dmitry, and Alec, do a dance train) and as we leave you tonight, please remember to tune in next Wednesday when our 14 remaining celebrities ditch their partners and pair with their fellow contestants twice. Until then, I'm Brittany Brannon.
Kendall: And I'm Kendall Schmidt. Good night and thanks for watching.

Cast dances joins LG and Oprah's train, credits roll, camera fades out
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