Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): Last week...Sandra shot to the top (clips of Sandra's perfect dance/score), Tom Hanks scored the first 10 of the season (clip of Tom's dance and score) and Oprah lost her cool (clip of Oprah storming off stage). But unfortunately, the talk show diva left, alongside Lady Gaga (clip of Lady Gaga being eliminated, large boos) were eliminated. Tonight, we are in for a shock as our stars dance with each other! 

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): And we also see the return of some of our favorite past DWTSGame stars! Which couples will rule the dance floor and which will have four left feet? Live…This is Dancing with the Stars!

The opening sequence starts. Hank is first shown picking up Edyta. Sandra then does an elegant spin with Derek. Steve jokes around with Chelsie. Cher does a fierce pose while Maksim looks on. Zooey and Damian do a sexy, demure pose. Zac and Peta do a large jump. Tina fools around with Louis. Tom casually holds Kym. Hugh gives Karina a close look. Gaga does a vampire-esque pose on Dmitry. Logan does a secret handshake with Jeanine. Lil' Wayne holds Nicole under his legs. Lee does a ballroom pose with Corky. Katy and Mark spin around, jumping. Rihanna and Val go close to each others mouths. Arnold almost uses Cheryl as a weight. Cody does a dynamic, fun pose with Julianne. Curtis performs a New Yorker with Anna. Oprah giggles around with Alec. Reese and Tony close in a smooth pose. The DWTS logo is shown.

Brittany and Kendall run onto the dancefloor.

Kendall: Hello! And welcome to Dancing with the Stars! I'm Kendall Schmidt.
Brittany: And I'm Brittany Brannon. Tonight, our remaining 14 celebrities dance together(oohs from crowd).
Kendall: Yes, as our celebrities dance with each other, all of the pros, who have choreographed tonight's dances, will be watching from the audience (shot of pros in audience, cheers).
Kendall: Also, there will be a string of celebrity guest judges critiquing our couples, and you may even see some familiar faces! (Kendall points at himself and Brittany, causing large cheers).
Brittany: Yes, we will be judging to songs we have danced to before, as Bruno is doing work to Italy. Right. Let's see the celebrity couples together for the first time! Ladies and gentleman, our stars!

The stars appear down the stairs in this order - Tina Fey & Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon & Cody Simpson, Zooey Deschanel & Zac Efron, Cher & Lil Wayne, Katy Perry & Logan Lerman, Sandra Bullock & Tom Hanks, Rihanna & Hank Baskett.

Brittany: Wow, some awesome couples! And who is starting us off?
Kendall: It could only be our California Gurl and our favorite teen magician, who both tied with a score of 33 on the leaderboard last week. Its singer Katy Perry and actor Logan Lerman!

In Katy and Logan's VT, Mark and Jeanine are confident they have choreographed a dynamite routine. Katy and Logan get along great and have tons of fun.

Voiceover: Dancing the Samba, Katy Perry and her partner, Logan Lerman.

Katy is in another small blue outfit. Logan is in an open blue dress shirt. Katy and Logan dance to “Rich Girl” by Gwen Stefani. Once they have finished dancing, they run to Brittany.

Brittany: Well done, guys! Now, the reason I am here is because tonight's host is over there. Ladies and gentleman, our first guest judge, Season 27 champion Kendall Schmidt! (shot of Kendall, cheers). So, what did you judges think?
Kendall: Great job, guys! I thought you two worked really well as a pair! (cheers)
Carrie Ann: You guys did really well! I was very impressed.
Len: It was good, but it wasn't great. I felt it needed a bit more of an edge but you did well.
Valerie: To be honest, I definitely thought Katy did an amazing job and Logan… Your best dance yet! (cheers)
Brittany: Awesome! Obviously Kendall's judging and I’m not in the celebriquarium, so let's get the scores right here.

Will the judges please reveal their scores?

Kendall Schmidt: 9
Carrie Ann Inaba: 9
Len Goodman: 8
Valerie Hashburntar: 9

Total: 35

Brittany: Great score! And you can come back now, Kendall! (Kendall jumps off his seat)

Kendall: Yes, I can. Next up tonight is our dominatrix and her very own bad boy who both earned their best scores of the competition last week. Its actress and singer Cher and rapper Lil' Wayne!

In Cher and Lil Wayne's VT, Cher calls Lil Wayne a 'complete goofball' in training, wondering why they were paired together. Maksim and Nicole work on an awesome dance with many ideas.

Voiceover: Dancing the Tango, Cher and her partner, Lil Wayne.

Cher wears a long black dress with her hair back in a ponytail. Lil Wayne is wearing a blue tie over a black suit. They dance to “Only Girl In The World” by Rihanna. Once they've finished they walk to Kendall.

Kendall: Great job guys! And it gives me great pleasure to introduce our guest judge, Season 45 runner-up, Cindy Crawford! (shot of Cindy, large cheers) Cindy, as you'll remember, was a fan favorite in Season 45, and a true threat to win the competition. Let's see if Cher and Lil Wayne can follow in her footsteps! Judges?
Cindy Crawford: I thought you rocked it, guys. Cher, you really gave me passion and Lil Wayne, you gave me anger, and a lot of it! (laughs and cheers)
Carrie Ann: Agreed. You showed so much aggression and I felt it!
Len: I actually disagree. (boos) I thought it seemed quite weird. As a team, you two need to connect better.
Valerie: I am kind of torn between the other judges. It was good but not full-on spectacular, like Cindy’s original.
Kendall: Interesting! Over you go to Brittany.

The pair walks to the celebriquarium.

Brittany: Well done, guys! Here we go for the scores.

Will the judges please reveal their scores?

Cindy Crawford: 10 (large cheers)
Carrie Ann Inaba: 9
Len Goodman: 7
Valerie Hashburntar: 8

Total: 34

Brittany: That was great, guys. Over to Kendall for tonight's next couple!

Kendall: Yes, next up is our only girl… Well, that's not true… (laughs), and our NFL hunk, both of whom have lead the pack in separate weeks. It's singer Rihanna and NFL star Hank Baskett!

In Rihanna and Hank's VT, both Edyta and Val are getting along and are noticing the strengths in Rihanna and Hank, who are getting to know each other very well.

Voiceover: Dancing the Quickstep, Rihanna and her partner, Hank Baskett.

Rihanna is in a long green dress. Hank is in a suit with green tie. They dance to “I'll Be There For You” by the Remembrandts. Once they've finished they walk to Kendall.

Kendall: Great job, guys! And our guest judge is Season 20 winner, Jennifer Aniston! (shot of Jennifer grinning, HUGE cheers). Wow, our reigning champion! Judges?
Jennifer Aniston: Wasn't that a breath of fresh air? I really loved it, great job trying to do as well as me! (audience laughs)
Carrie Ann: You were so, so fun, you two should stay together!!
Len: A good routine, not particularly great. I can’t place what it was, but something was missing. (small boos)
Valerie: I agree. It could've been a whole lot stronger. I know you two, try harder!
Kendall: You can't please everybody. Over you go to Brittany.

The couple runs to Brittany.

Brittany: Well, I loved it and I think Jennifer did! Over we go to the judges for their scores.

Will the judges please reveal their scores?

Jennifer Aniston: 10 (large cheers)
Carrie Ann Inaba: 9
Len Goodman: 8 (boos)
Valerie Hashburntar: 8 (boos)

Total: 35

Brittany: Another awesome score! Over we go to Kendall for the fourth couple tonight.

Kendall: Thanks, Brit, our next couple tonight is two people who already know each other pretty well through their involvement with the film, Date Night. It’s comedienne Tina Fey and actor Steve Carell!

In the VT, Tina and Steve get along very well for obvious reasons. Chelsie and Louis’s styles clash trying to make the dance but they ultimately agree on something nice.

Voiceover: Dancing the Foxtrot, Tina Fey and her partner, Steve Carell.

Tina is wearing a long mint green dress. Steve is wearing a suit. They dance to “So Happy Together” by the Turtles. Once they've finished they dance to Kendall.

Kendall: Wow, guys! I loved it! And did our guest judge? She is the Season 45 dark horse… Julie Andrews! (shot on Julie, cheers) Judges, what did you think?
Julie Andrews: Ah… You did a great job! I got a kick out of you both! (Tina is smiling)
Carrie Ann: Great job, like Julie said. You can both dance really well, but it needed some more work to be perfect.
Len: You honestly don’t dance well together (large boos).
Valerie: Len! It was good, I thought. Nope … actually, it was GREAT! (large cheers)
Kendall: Okay! Good mix of comments. Over you go to Brittany.

The couple walks to Brittany.

Brittany: That was so much fun! Here are the scores.

Will the judges please reveal their scores?

Julie Andrews: 10 (large cheers)
Carrie Ann Inaba: 8 (small boos)
Len Goodman: 8 (boos)
Valerie Hashburntar: 10 (large cheers)

Total: 36

Brittany: Oh my god! That's a great score, the highest for both of you! Over to Kendall for the next couple up tonight.

Kendall: Yes, next up are the two older stars that have both proved us all wrong and both earned 10’s last week. Its actress Sandra Bullock and actor Tom Hanks!

In the VT, Derek and Kym come up with so many ideas for Tom and Sandra to be able to do. Tom and Sandra already know each other through a film they’re currently working on together.

Voiceover: Dancing the Viennese Waltz, Sandra Bullock and her partner, Tom Hanks.

Sandra is in a teal dress. Tom is in a tux. They dance to “When I Look At You” by Miley Cyrus. Once they've finished they walk to Kendall.

Kendall: Great job, guys. Now, our guest judge is my competition in Season 27… finalist Jessica Alba! (shot of Jessica waving, cheers) Judges, what did you think?
Jessica Alba: Well, Sandra and Tom, I can't lie when saying you did such a great job tonight. It was just as touching as when I did it. I really enjoyed it tonight. Well done!
Carrie Ann: I have to agree, once again you were close to moving me to tears, Sandy.
Len: Such a great job and so near to perfection, well done!
Valerie: I thought you were really good. As Len says, so near to perfection but what you did was amazing!
Kendall: Awesome! Over you go to Brittany.

The couple run to Brittany.

Brittany: Wow! I had such a rush while watching that! Here are the scores coming up.

Will the judges please reveal their scores?

Jessica Alba: 10 (large cheers)
Carrie Ann Inaba: 10 (large cheers)
Len Goodman: 9 (small boos)
Valerie Hashburntar: 9 (small boos)

Total: 38

Brittany: Two more 10’s for Tom! And Sandra, the audience wanted another 40! Now, over we go to Kendall.

Kendall: Amazing score there! Now, we have a couple that may shock you all, probably by the age difference… Its actress Reese Witherspoon and singer Cody Simpson!

In the VT, Reese feels like her age difference with Cody is awkward. Tony and Julianne have fun coming up with ideas for their dance.

Voiceover: Dancing the Cha-Cha-Cha, Reese Witherspoon and her partner, Cody Simpson.

Reese is wearing a short red dress. Cody is wearing a red shirt and black jeans. The two perform a Cha-Cha-Cha to “Trouble” by P!nk. Once they've finished they walk to Kendall.

Kendall: Great job, guys! And our guest judge for this is Season 20 quarterfinalist Amy Adams! (cheers for Amy) Did the judges like it overall? Let's see.
Amy Adams: YES! (large cheers) I really felt it, you gave me so much energy tonight and really connected in a fun way!
Carrie Ann: I couldn't disagree more (large boos) it was so tacky. It was so awkward, as Reese said.
Len: I know, for once I agree with you Carrie Ann. (combination of laughs & boos) the age difference just made it so bad. Reese, you are old enough to be his mother! With Julianne it was just starting to become bareable, but now he’s dancing with someone 20 years older than him. It’s ridiculous that they’re putting the women through that. It must feel embarrassing.
Valerie: OK, Len… Simmer down. (laughs) I thought it was good but , and I’m sorry to say, they’re correct. The age difference really drew away from the dance. It was OK, but nowhere near either of your best dances.
Kendall: OK then. Go to Kendall.

The pair walks to Brittany, Reese is a little upset.

Brittany: Reese! What's the matter?
Reese: Ugh… How am I that old? Am I that bad?
Brittany: It wasn’t you, personally, don’t get yourself down. Let's get them scores.

Will the judges please reveal their scores?

Amy Adams: 10 (large cheers)
Carrie Ann Inaba: 7 (large boos)
Len Goodman: 7 (large boos)
Valerie Hashburntar: 8 (small boos)

Total: 32

Brittany: A 10! Doesn't that cheer you up? (pause) OK then… Back to Kendall.

Kendall: Thanks Brittany. Wowzarooni! (laughs) Our final independent couple performance tonight is by our Hollywood babe and hunk that both danced Rumbas last week, and are doing it again tonight! It’s actress and singer Zooey Deschanel and actor Zac Efron.

In their VT, Zooey kinda has the hots for Zac! Peta and Damian are boyfriend and girlfriend and have no trouble choreographing a perfect Rumba.

Voiceover: Dancing the Rumba, Zooey Deschanel and her partner, Zac Efron.

Zooey is in a lavender silk outfit, Zac is in a light purple cut-open shirt. They dance to “Good Life” by OneRepublic. Once they've finished they walk to Kendall.

Kendall: Great job, guys! Now, our guest judge for this dance is the one and only Season 20 runner-up and our beloved co-host, Brittany Brannon! (HUGE cheers). What did our judges think, starting with Brittany?
Brittany Brannon: I thought you rocked it. you showed me what I did in that dance times 10! (large cheers)
Carrie Ann: It wasn't that good (small boos), Brittany’s is still a classic. But without a doubt, it was good.
Len: You gave me a mesmerizing routine that I won't forget. (large cheers)
Valerie: A beautiful routine. I saw so much passion from Zooey, but want a bit more from Zac. (small boos)
Kendall: Okay, as Brittany is here and not over there (points to celebriquarium, stars wave) let's get the scores right now.

Will the judges please reveal their scores?

Brittany Brannon: 10 (large cheers) 
Carrie Ann Inaba: 9 (small boos)
Len Goodman: 9 (small cheers)
Valerie Hashburntar: 9 (small boos)

Total: 37

Kendall: Great score! Now all our couples have danced, let's get the leaderboard.


1. Sandra and Tom: 38
2. Zooey and Zac: 37
3. Tina and Steve: 36

4. Rihanna and Hank: 35
4. Katy and Logan: 35
6. Cher and Lil Wayne: 34
7. Reese and Cody: 32

Kendall: So, Sandra and Tom are leading it for now, but Reese and Cody are falling behind.

Brittany: Yes. Now, however, our seven couples dance again… This time in teams! However, once again they'll be judged by celebrities who have done the dance before.
Kendall: Yes, let's start with our first team, Team Salsa!

VT runs. Sandra, Tom, Cher, Lil Wayne, Tina, and Steve are like and older version of ‘Friends’ during training. Their 6 professional partners put together a very wild and sexy routine.

Voiceover: Dancing the Salsa, please welcome six of our stars.

Sandra, Cher, and Tina are all in skimpy outfits. Tom, Lil Wayne, and Steve are wearing t-shirts and jeans. They all dance to “Show Me How You Burlesque” by Christina Aguilera. Once they've finished, they all go to Kendall.

Kendall: That was HOT, guys! And our guest judge is Season 45 champion Kamie Crawford! (huge cheers for Kamie) Guys, what did you think?
Kamie Crawford: I thought it was awesome! Sandra & Tom, you guys were so sexy! Cher & Lil Wayne, there was so much attitude there and I loved it. Tina & Steve, what can I say? I’ve watched both of you separately, and to see you together is like a dream come true! (applause)
Carrie Ann: It was brilliant. Sandra & Tom, considering that you were basically the underdogs here, I think we may have discovered some true dancers here! (large cheers)
Len: It was very amazing. Cher, you were in Burlesque with the girl that sang that song, and it showed you knew the song with such amazing dance moves right there. Very on-synch, the best effort you’ve ever given. (cheers)
Valerie: I have to say, you all did amazing! Tina and Steve, you shocked me as it was just so fun to watch! You guys stole the show, and may as well steal the season! (applause)
Kendall: Sounding great! Over you guys go to Brittany!

The couples run to Brittany.

Brittany: That was amazing, Team Salsa! Let's get the scores.

Will the judges please reveal their scores?

Kamie Crawford: 9 (small cheers) 
Carrie Ann Inaba: 10 (large cheers)
Len Goodman: 8 (small boos)
Valerie Hashburntar: 9 (small cheers)

Total: 36

Brittany: Great score! Over to Kendall for Team...

Kendall: Yes, our final team now is those including Zooey & Zac, Katy & Logan, Rihanna & Hank and Reese & Cody, forming Team Jive!

VT runs. The 8 celebrities find the group quite large, the professional dancers are having a tough time spacing them out throughout the short song to make a pleasing Jive.

Voiceover: Dancing the Jive, please welcome eight of our stars.

The celebrities are all wearing modern/casual clothing (t-shirts and jeans). They dance to “The Middle” by Jimmy Eats World. Once they're finished they run to Kendall.

Kendall: So enthusiastic! Let's hear from our judges, starting from our guest judge, Season 27 quarterfinalist Adam Levine (HUGE cheers).
Adam Levine: I thought you guys did an amazing job. (huge cheers) Zooey, you put so much energy into the dance and you’ve sure got a lot. Great job!
Carrie Ann: I thought that, Logan, you delivered your BEST dance to date! (huge cheers)
Len: I thought our other team was stronger (boos from team) but Rihanna, I watch you and see so much potential. (large cheers, Rihanna blushes).
Valerie: SO MANY CELEBRITIES! (laughter and cheers)It was great, I would’ve liked to see more of each couple, though.

Kendall: Well, over you guys go to Brittany!

The couples run to Brittany.

Brittany: Well, Let's just see them scores right away.

Will the judges please reveal their scores?

Adam Levine: 9 (cheers)
Carrie Ann Inaba: 9 (cheers)
Len Goodman: 8 (small boos)
Valerie Hashburntar: 9 (cheers)

Total: 35

Brittany: Well done, guys! Team Salsa beat you by one point (team groans) but well done! Here is a recap of tonight's dances.

Dances are re-capped with numbers for all 14 stars.

Kendall: Well, what a show we've had tonight!
Brittany: Agreed! Shall we check out the final leaderboard of the night?
Kendall: We shall!


1. Sandra and Tom: 74
2. Tina and Steve: 72
2. Zooey and Zac: 72
4. Katy and Logan: 70
4. Rihanna and Hank: 70
4. Cher and Lil Wayne: 70
7. Reese and Cody: 67

Brittany: Close bunch, tonight!
Kendall: Agreed!
Brittany: We have Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks at the top with 74 points...
Kendall: ...and Reese Witherspoon and Cody Simpson at the bottom with 67 points.
Brittany: Even so, it's a close one!
Kendall: See y'all at the results show when OneRepublic stops by for a second time this year so a certain someone can do something special (Brittany grins). Until then, I’m Kendall Schmidt.
Brittany: And I’m Brittany Brannon. Good night and thanks for watching.
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