Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): This week on Dancing with the Stars (clips from Week 9 play)... All of our stars danced two dances in a row for one set of scores! Hank's dance was greatly underscored, Sandra surprisingly landed in the middle of the pack, Tom fell near the bottom, and Cher and Katy both brought their A-Game!

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Tonight... We must eliminate one more star before we reach our final stretch of the season. (more clips shown) Who will fly? And who will fall? Find out. LIVE! This is... Dancing with the Stars!

The opening sequence starts. Hank is first shown picking up Edyta. Sandra then does an elegant spin with Derek. Steve jokes around with Chelsie. Cher does a fierce pose while Maksim looks on. Zooey and Damian do a sexy, demure pose. Zac and Peta do a large jump. Tina fools around with Louis. Tom casually holds Kym. Hugh gives Karina a close look. Gaga does a vampire-esque pose on Dmitry. Logan does a secret handshake with Jeanine. Lil' Wayne holds Nicole under his legs. Lee does a ballroom pose with Corky. Katy and Mark spin around, jumping. Rihanna and Val go close to each others mouths. Arnold almost uses Cheryl as a weight. Cody does a dynamic, fun pose with Julianne. Curtis performs a New Yorker with Anna. Oprah giggles around with Alec. Reese and Tony close in a smooth pose. The DWTS logo is shown.

Brittany and Kendall are seen standing in the audience.

Kendall: Hello, and Welcome to Dancing with the Stars! I'm Kendall Schmidt.
Brittany: And I'm Brittany Brannon.
Kendall: On Wednesday night, our stars all danced two separate styles in a row for one set of scores. Each performance was a whole three minutes long! 
Brittany: And Wednesday's episode didn't come without it's required amount of drama. All of our couples' scores took a hit this week and our good ole judge Valerie had a lot to say about some of the dances.
Kendall: But tonight, we must let one of those fine contestants go, only a month away from the finale. We also have musical guest Pitbull stopping by twice. Don't turn this episode off! (audience laughs)
Brittany: But now, let's get to the encore performance!

Brittany: And for that we go to head judge, Len Goodman. Len, which dance do you think deserves the encore for this week?
Len: Well, all of us decided that this week's encore definitely should go to the hot performance given to us by Maksim and Cher. (HUGE applause from audience)
Kendall: Alright! Please welcome back Cher and Maks with their amazing 2 in 1! (applause continues)

Maksim is wearing a grey dress shirt. Cher is in a long black dress for the first dance (a Tango to Britney Spears' Womanizer) and then rips it off to reveal a small white outfit for the Cha-Cha-Cha (to Marc Anthony's I Need To Know). Once finished they recieve big applause.

Kendall: That was great! Go Team Chmer!
Brittany:  Now, Cher's performance wasn't the only highlight from Wednesday's episode. We also saw six other three-minute long 2 in 1 performances.
Kendall: Now, if you didn't catch our episode on Wednesday, here's a little montage of what you missed out on. Take a look...

A montage/recap of all of the dances from Week 8 are played. A leaderboard recap is also played. Confessionals start playing.

Tina: I don't get why Valerie needs to say such hurtful things. I think I'll be making a Facebook petition to get her to stop saying mean things. (turns to Louis) You better go on and like it! (audience laughs)
Steve: (still shirtless) Is there a draft in this building? God! (audience laughs)
Katy: (a little mad) I think Valerie will be getting a bunch of nasty phone calls tonight!
Hank: (bummed) I'm gonna be really upset if we go home. I want to make it to the finals, but these scores need to change!
Cher: (chuckles) God! That was so exhausting, but it freakin' paid off!
Sandra: I am so tired! Ugh! (audience laughs)
Tom: (scared) Yikes! I don't like that score! I know I can do better! 

Confessionals end

Kendall: And now... let's get to some results! A bunch of you voted online at over the past two days with your votes.
Brittany: We sure can say that no one expected the votes to effect the couples like it did. (audience 'oohs')
Kendall: Now, in no apparent order, let's reveal the first two couples who have been saved with the help of your votes, and one that has landed in the bottom-three.

Dramatic elimination theme music plays

Kendall: The first couple safe to dance next week is... (camera pan the couples) ...Katy and Mark! (cheers; Katy screams)
Brittany: The next couple safe to dance is... (camera pans couples) ...Tina and Louis! (cheers; Tina is amazed)
Kendall: Now, sadly, we must reveal the first couple in the bottom-two. That couple is... (camera pans couples) Hank and Edyta. (boos; Hank gives an 'of course' face)

Regular lighting returns

Brittany: Oh man! I wish we could just not even announce a bottom-two! This is stressful stuff! 
Kendall: Just grin and bear it, B! Anyways, right now we have our special musical guest here to sing a song that you may have just heard on DWTS. Here to sing "Krazy", please welcome... Pitbull! (major cheers)

Pitbull performs "Krazy" while his female dancers do some sexy choreography. When he's done, Kendall and Brittany walk up to her on stage.

Kendall: Great job, Pitbull!
Brittany: Would you do the honors of making this important announcement?
Pitbull: Yeah, sure, babe! To all of the DWTSGame voters who signed up for the Guest Judging Contest for Season 5, the competition has ended! (audience 'awws') And we have 3 winners! They'll all be announced in two weeks when the season 5 cast is announced.
Kendall: Thanks, man! Right now, let's watch a little video of what our judges do during their off season...

VT plays. We get to see what Carrie Ann, Len, Bruno, and Valerie do in their off-season, which is basically interviews, TV appearances, and traveling.

Brittany: (now backstage) Let's get to talking with some of our headlining stars from Wednesday (Cher, Katy, Hank, and Steve gather around Brittany) And we'll start with Cher. Cher, this week, a three minute long performance landed you and Katy in first place with the judges. How did you prepare for the dance?
Cher: Well, it really wasn't any different from preparing for one of my Vegas shows. I really was able to handle it. I didn't want to... but I could. (audience laughs)
Brittany: Great job, thought! Now, Katy, we all know that Valerie's comment was a little out of line. Where do you really stand on your opinion of her comment?
Katy: You know, I just think that Valerie didn't have enough time to express her feelings properly. It was a little rude to Gene Kelly and any of his family who were watching. I hope she trys to act more professional with some of her criticisms. (audience applauds)
Brittany: Very well put. Now, Hank, you sadly have been through a rough couple of weeks. What gives, do you think?
Hank: You know, in football, there's always going to be a couple of bad games that follow a great one. The only way for you to make a come back is to apply yourself and fight hard. I'm willing to do that (audience applauds).
Brittany: Man! You and Katy must've had a tea session before the show or something! Great answers! Steve... dear, shirtless, Steve. Your Samba from Wednesday was, at least, the funniest moment of the season. Where on earth did you come up with the whole 'idea'?
Steve: You know what, enough is enough! I've been working way too hard to tone my figure for you all to criticize it so much! From now on, my shirt is remaining on for all of my dances. How's that?
Brittany: (sarcastically) Oh, Steve! Don't do that!
Steve: No, no! My mind is made!
Brittany: (pretends to sob) Well, Let's go out to Kendall for some more results. Kendall?

Kendall: Thank you, Brittany! Let's find out the fate of our remaining three couples. The next couple safe from elimination is... (camera pans couples) ...Sandra and Derek! (cheers; Sandra hugs Derek)
Brittany: (now with Kendall) The next couple safe is... (camera pans couples) ...Cher and Maksim! (cheers; Cher is relieved)
Kendall: Now, as you can see, we have 2 couples left up here, 2 spots left in the competition, and 1 spot left in the bottom-three. We will now call the name of the last couple that is safe from elimination. And they are... (camera pans Steve and Tom) ...Steve and Chelsie! (cheers; Steve is relieved and does no 'thumbs-up')
Brittany: Which means Tom and Kym will join Hank and Edyta in the bottom-two. (audience boos; Tom is scared, Kym hugs him)

Kendall: Wow... Sorry you guys! Now, to put off our elimination for a few minutes, back with another hit song, please welcome Pitbull! (audience cheers)

Pitbull sings "I Know You Want Me". His females dancers do some 'suggestive' moves around him again.

Kendall: Well... sadly, have to do the thing we hate the most.
Brittany: Tap dancing? (audience laughs)
Kendall: No, no. The elimination. Hank and Edyta and Tom and Kym have found themselves in the bottom-two after this week, combining your votes with the judges scores.
Brittany: Before we start the elimination, who do the judges think should go? Bruno, what if Hank were to leave?
Bruno: Oh, my! To loose someone as amazingly talented and as darling as Hank would be devastating! I hate to even think about it happening! (audience cheers quietly, Hank has a stern look)
Kendall: Valerie, what would happen if we lost Tom and Kym?
Valerie: Well, we would obviously loose like 90% of our viewers! TomKat has been the team to watch this season! This is just a very upsetting bottom-two. Just get it over with! (audience cheers quietly; Tom also has a stern look)

Kendall: (sighs) On with the results...

Dramatic elimination music plays

Kendall: (camera goes to Hank) Hank and Edyta. Hank, two weeks ago, the judges awarded you a perfect 40 for your chilling Waltz. For last week and this week, two Jives have almost ruined your chances at winning. Has America given up on seeing you in the finals?
Brittany: (camera goes to Hank) Tom and Kym. Tom, week after week you amaze us with your impressive dancing skills. This week, you ran out of steam at the end of your dance. Has your steam ran out completely?
Kendall: (camera pans Hank and Tom) Hank and Edyta... Tom and Kym... On this ninth week of competition, the couple with the lowest overall total and therefore leaving right now is...

Elimination music plays and camera pans in

Kendall: Hank and Edyta. (audience boos and gives Hank loud applause)
Brittany: Which means Tom and Kym, you're safe. (Edyta hugs Tom and Kym, Hanks shakes Tom's hand)

Kendall: Hank and Edyta, come on down you guys! (Hank and Edyta walk down to Kendall and Brittany)
Brittany: Hank, we're so upset. We all wanted you in the finals. What are your final thoughts?
Hank: Well... (looks to Kendra in audience) You beat me! (audience laughs) Honestly, I can now know exactly what Kendra was talking about when she said that this show is the funnest thing possible. I really enjoyed all of it.
Kendall: Edyta, we're sorry we couldn't get you any farther. Last words?
Edyta: I can honestly say Hank has been my favorite partner yet. I just wish we could've shown you all what an amazing Freestyle he would've done. (Edyta hugs Hank; audience gives them a standing ovation)

Brittany: Well guys, I am so sorry to make you take your final dance (music starts; Hank and Edyta do hug and slowly spin around). Please remember to tune in next Wednesday as our remaining six stars do two dances.
Kendall: For two different scores, this time!
Brittany: For now, I'm Brittany Brannon.
Kendall: And for now, I'm Kendall Schmidt!
Brittany: Good night and thank you for watching!

cast dances around Hank and Edyta, credits roll, camera fades out

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