Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): On Wednesday, we saw the unprecedented and unexpected as our celebrities danced with each other. (clips from Week 5 are shown). And with guest judges handing out numerous 10's, (clips of 10's being awarded from guest judges), we saw the leaderboard change in such a dramatic way (changes between Week 4 & 5 leaderboard shown). 

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Tonight, we shall learn which two celebrities were the weakest at holding their own with another star. After such a hectic week, will we be in for a shocker tonight? (more clips shown) Find out. LIVE! This is... Dancing with the Stars!

The opening sequence starts. Hank is first shown picking up Edyta. Sandra then does an elegant spin with Derek. Steve jokes around with Chelsie. Cher does a fierce pose while Maksim looks on. Zooey and Damian do a sexy, demure pose. Zac and Peta do a large jump. Tina fools around with Louis. Tom casually holds Kym. Hugh gives Karina a close look. Gaga does a vampire-esque pose on Dmitry. Logan does a secret handshake with Jeanine. Lil' Wayne holds Nicole under his legs. Lee does a ballroom pose with Corky. Katy and Mark spin around, jumping. Rihanna and Val go close to each others mouths. Arnold almost uses Cheryl as a weight. Cody does a dynamic, fun pose with Julianne. Curtis performs a New Yorker with Anna. Oprah giggles around with Alec. Reese and Tony close in a smooth pose. The DWTS logo is shown.

Kendall and Brittany are seen standing in center-stage.

Kendall: Hello, and Welcome to Dancing with the Stars! I'm Kendall Schmidt.
Brittany: And I'm Brittany Brannon.
Kendall: Tonight, we find out which two celebrities are leaving after a jam-packed show from Wednesday.
Brittany: After Wednesdays show, the leaderboard was yet again shaken up as our stars ditched their partners and danced with each other for the whole night. Will one of our stronger competitors flounder or will one of our underdogs be sent to the doghouse?
Kendall: Right away, let's get to the encore performance!

Brittany: And for that we go to head judge, Len Goodman. Len, which dance do you think deserves the encore for our first ever Partner Ditch Week?
Len: We all want Team Salsa and their wildly entertaining dance back for another time. (HUGE applause from audience)
Kendall: Well, there you have it. Please welcome back Team Salsa! (applause continues)

Sandra, Cher, and Tina are all in their skimpy outfits again. Tom, Lil Wayne, and Steve are wearing t-shirts and jeans for the second time. They all dance their Salsa to “Show Me How You Burlesque” by Christina Aguilera. Once they've finished, they are awarded with humungous applause.

Kendall: That was just awesome! Great job, you guys.
Brittany: I loved it. Now, Team Salsa's dance wasn't the only highlight from Wednesday's episode. We saw all 14 of our remaining celebrities pair off to dance to songs previously used, then being scored by a former competitor.
Kendall: And then we even had 2 team dances afterwards! Now, if you didn't catch our episode on Wednesday, here's a little montage of what you missed out on. Take a look...

A montage/recap of all of the dances from Week 5 are played. A leaderboard recap is also played with comments from each of the stars after their dances.

Brittany: And now... let's get to some results! Again, many of you voted online at over the past three days with your votes.
Kendall: This week actually broke last week's record as the most votes we've gotten this season! (audience cheers)
Brittany: Now, in no apparent order, let's reveal the first 4 couples who have been saved with the help of your votes, and 1 that has landed in the bottom-three.

Dramatic elimination theme music plays

Kendall: The first couple safe to dance next week is... (camera pan the couples) ...Tom and Kym! (cheers; Tom hugs Kym)
Brittany: The next couple safe to dance is... (camera pans couples) ...Cher and Maksim! (cheers; Cher smiles wide)
Kendall: Another couple safe to dance is... (camera pans couples) ...Rihanna and Val! (cheers; Rihanna hugs Val)
Brittany: The fourth couple that's safe is... (camera pans couples) ...Katy & Mark! (cheers; Katy does a 'whew' type move)
Kendall: Now, let's reveal the first couple in the bottom-three. That couple is... (camera pans couples) Logan and Jeanine. (boos; Logan is shocked)

Regular lighting returns

Brittany: Oh no, Kendall... Don't tell me it'll be another one of those eliminations!
Kendall: It's too early to tell. Fingers crossed, though. Right now, we have OneRepublic returning to DWTS for the second time of 2011... Here to sing their biggest single ever, please give them a round of applause. (major cheers)

OneRepublic performs "Apologize" while Nicole and Val perform a contemporary dance. After they perform some amazing lifts, could an Emmy Nomination be in the bag?

Brittany: Great song, OneRepublic! You did awesome, too, Nicole and Val.
Kendall: They'll be back later to sing their biggest hit of 2011 while one of our favorite couples of recent memory reunites to dance to it! (Brittany is giddy)
Brittany: We want to take a moment and remind you all to sign up for the guest judge competition for Season 5. All you need to do is guess the stars with the help of our crossword puzzle! Try it out!  Please go to We've only had a couple of entrants so far, so you could still very well have a chance.
Kendall: Right now, we have a bunch of fun footage from Week 5 that we thought America should get the chance to laugh at. From the girls picking their celebrity partners out of a hat, to the antics that went on in training, here's a little taste of what went down...

VT plays. It is like a blooper reel for the craziest week of the season so far. The VT is filled with 'bleeps' from the girls and hilarious mishaps in training. The celebrities also give funny interviews about their celebrity counterpart for the week. Many of the stars said it was fun, but they are ready to dance with their partners again.

Brittany: Now, 10 years and 2 days ago on August 25, 2001 a plane carrying R&B star Aaliyah and her crew tragically crashed in the Bahamas, after shooting the music video for her song 'Rock The Boat'.
Kendall: But ten years later, her memory lives on. First of all, we will have some past contestants, but soon after, ladies and gentleman, we will have our professionals perform a touching tribute to Aaliyah.
Brittany: Okay. Please welcome three women who speak about how Aaliyah changed their life.

VT starts. We shoot to Zoe Saldana (Season 20 contestant), Rihanna (Season 4 contestant) and Valerie Hashburntar (DWTSGame judge).

Zoe: Aaliyah gave such smooth, silky yet fierce and strong music. She had hits which topped charts across the country and won multiple awards. Rihanna: Her sexy dance moves and her husky voice won millions of fans, and from 1994 to this present day she has sold so many records, with millions of fans and much support backing her up on the way.
Valerie: Aaliyah was a woman who changed lives. Her music was so inspirational and not only could she belt any tune people wanted, she could also act her heart out. whether it was a role as a fun-loving suburban girl or an ancient Queen with a thirst for blood. Anything she did, she ruled it. Aaliyah is Arabic for 'the highest, most exalted one, the best'. She lived up to her name.

VT ends.

Kendall: Now, please welcome our professionals with a tribute to the great Aaliyah.

We start with Karina & Val, Cheryl & Tony and Anna & Corky, who dance an Aaliyah mash-up to the songs  'At Your Best', and 'Down With The Clique'. Then, we see Edyta & Alec and Chelsie & Dmitry who dance to a mash-up of 'One In A Million' and 'Hot Like Fire'. Peta & Damian and Kym & Mark dance to a mash-up of 'Journey To The Past', 'Are You That Somebody' and 'Try Again'. Jeanine & Louis dance to a shortened 'Rock The Boat', Nicole & Maksim dance to a shortened 'More Than A Woman' and all couples finish dancing to 'Miss You'. A picture of Aaliyah is shown on screen and the audience gives a moment of silence.

Brittany: Well done, guys. Rest in peace, Aaliyah. We all miss you.

Brittany: (now backstage) Well, let's get to talking with some of our headlining stars from Wednesday (Sandra, Katy, Steve, and Cody gather around Brittany) And we'll start with Sandra Bullock, here. Sandy... You've shown us just how great of a dancer you are the past five weeks. Were you expecting such a positive response?
Sandra: (laughs) Absolutely not. I thought that I would dance as well as Hugh Hefner did. I was sincerely shocked when I got the encore in Week 2 and got that perfect score last week. It's all just overwhelming, but so much fun.
Brittany: You don't need to tell me twice. Now, Katy, a lot of your fans have said you've been underscored all season long. What do you have to say about that?
Katy: I honestly think I'm doing fine, and I say that because it really doesn't matter how you start. It's how you finish that counts. I'd agree that my scores aren't as high as I'd like them, but I'm sure if I'm here by the end, you all won't be disappointed. (applause from audience)
Brittany: Spoken like a future champion! And now to Mr. Steve Carell. Steve, I watched a couple episodes of The Office last night! (laughs) Anyways, I honestly don't think you ever expected yourself to do this good on DWTS. Are you in fact proving yourself wrong?
Steve: Are you kidding me? I knew I was that good a dancer from Day 1! (audience laughs) I have always been dancing, since I was a tadpole in my mother's womb. Dance is life, and I excel at both. (audience is howling by now)
Brittany: Oh, my god! We can't afford to let you go! And finally, Cody Simpson. Cody, why do you think you haven't been doing as well as everyone would've thought?
Cody: I'm not blaming the judges, but I'll be honest. I don't think anyone can take my dances seriously because they all see me as just a kid. Sometimes it gets really frustrating because I try my hardest and everyone keeps saying that it was awkward because I'm too young. My new goal is just to prove myself so everyone will take me seriously.
Brittany: Wow. I hope you reach your goal, Cody. Let's go out to Kendall for some more results.

Kendall: Thanks Brittany! Now, it's time we announce 3 more stars who are safe and 1 more who's landed in the bottom-three with Logan and Jeanine. In no apparent order, the next couple safe from elimination is... (camera pans couples) ...Sandra and Derek! (cheers; Sandra smiles)
Brittany: (now with Kendall) The next couple safe is... (camera pans couples) ...Zac and Peta! (cheers; Peta hugs Zac)
Kendall: The next safe couple is... (camera pans couples) ...Tina and Louis! (cheers; Louis hug-lifts Tina)
Brittany: And the next couple in the bottom-three is... (camera pans couples) Aww... Cody and Julianne. (boos; Julianne frowns)

Kendall: Wow... Sorry, Cody. We wish you luck, man. Now, back with their biggest hit of 2011, please welcome back OneRepublic with a former couple returning to dance! (audience cheers)

OneRepublic sings "Good Life". Halfway through, Brittany and Derek reunite to dance their perfect-scoring Rumba from Season 20. The crowd gives Brittany and Derek a Standing O after it is over.

Kendall: Great job, Brittany. And please give it up for OneRepublic! Brit, hurry up and join me! (Brittany hugs Derek good-bye and walks to Kendall)
Brittany: Let's find out the fate of our remaining five couples. The next star safe from elimination is... (camera pans couples) ...Hank and Edyta! (cheers; Edyta hugs Hank)
Kendall: Another star securing their spot in next week's competition is... (camera pans couples) ...Zooey and Damian! (cheers; Zooey smiles)
Brittany: The next safe couple is... (camera pans couples) ...Reese and Tony! (cheers; Reese screams and jumps on Tony)
Kendall: As you can see, we have 2 couples left up here, 2 spots left in the competition, and 1 spot left in the bottom-three. We will now call the name of the last couple that is safe from elimination. And they are... (camera pans Steve and Lil Wayne) ...Steve and Chelsie! (cheers; Steve gives his 'thumbs-up' to Kendall)
Brittany: Which means Lil Wayne and Nicole will join Logan and Cody in the bottom-three. (audience boos; Lil Wayne flashes his grill)

Brittany: Aw, what'd I tell ya... Another upsetting bottom-three!
Kendall: It really sucks. To pass some time, let's hear from Wednesday's guest judges to get their reviews on the season overall. Take a look...

VT runs. The former competitors who guest judged on Monday say that Season 4 is really outdoing their seasons. Jennifer Aniston tells us she thinks that Reese and Tony will take home the trophy, for obvious reasons. Brittany and Kendall say the chance to guest judge the show in which they recently started hosting was very humbling. Kamie Crawford says she wishes she were a part of this season. Everyone agrees that the DWTSGame is going places.

Kendall: And now... It's that time again...
Brittany: Logan and Jeanine, Cody and Julianne, and Lil Wayne and Nicole have all found themselves in the bottom-three after our Partner Ditch week. Let's find out the results.

Dramatic elimination music plays

Kendall: (camera goes to Logan) Logan and Jeanine. Logan, you were starting to find your potential, and this week, with Katy Perry, you may have found it. Will America get to see more next week?
Brittany: (camera goes to Cody) Cody and Julianne. Cody, you've truly become this seasons underdog. After 3 dances to bad scores because of age difference, you danced with Reese Witherspoon to get the biggest upset from the judges of the season. Have your fans pulled you through again?
Kendall: (camera goes to Lil Wayne) Lil Wayne and Nicole. Wayne, after finding your groove last week, you earned your first 10 of the season this week with Cher. But was it enough to pull you through?
Kendall: (camera pans Logan, Cody, and Lil Wayne) Logan and Jeanine... Cody and Julianne... Lil Wayne and Nicole... On this fifth week of competition, the first couple with the lowest overall total and therefore leaving right now is...

Elimination music plays and camera pans in

Kendall: Cody and Julianne. (girls in the audience boo loudly; Cody hugs Julianne)
Brittany: Aw, guys, come on down here and join us for the next elimination. (Cody and Julianne walk down to Brittany and Kendall)

Kendall: Sadly, we must eliminate another celebrity right now. Logan and Jeanine... Lil Wayne and Nicole... On this fifth week of competition, the second couple with the lowest overall total and therefore leaving right now is...

Elimination music plays and camera pans in again

Brittany: Lil Wayne and Nicole. (audience boos)
Kendall: Which means Logan and Jeanine, you're safe. (small cheers; Lil Wayne high-fives Logan as he and Nicole walk down to Cody and Julianne)

Brittany: Well, there you have it... Cody, our teen heartthrob, and Lil Wayne, our one to watch have been eliminated.
Kendall: Lil Wayne, sorry to see you go. Any final thoughts?
Lil Wayne: It was just really cool to do this, and I really enjoyed dancin' with this fine young woman! I'll miss ya, kid. (Lil Wayne puts his arm around Nicole; audience applauds)
Brittany: Nicole? Final thoughts on your first season with us?
Nicole: I'm going to miss him so much... The funny thing is is that I hated rap before meeting him, and now he has made me love his music. It was such a pleasure to dance with you, Dwayne! (audience applauds as Nicole hugs Lil Wayne)
Brittany: And Cody! Sweety, I'm so sorry we won't get to see you transform into a fine dancer. What are you going to take away from DWTS?
Cody: I'm honestly going to take away a lot of life lessons from this show. It actually taught me how to be more mature and I loved learning how to dance. It was just an added bonus that I got to do it with Julianne Hough. (audience cheers)
Kendall: Julianne... Thoughts?
Julianne: It's very sad having to say goodbye to such a nice young gentleman so early on in the competition. I don't care if he was dancing with me, or  with Reese Witherspoon, or with Lee Meriwether, he'll always be a fine dancer and a great kid. I'm going to miss being his partner. (standing ovation; Julianne kisses Cody on the cheek and they hug it out)

Kendall: It kills me to say this you two, but please go take your final dance. (music starts; Lil Wayne and Cody head out to do some hip-hop moves) and as we leave you tonight, please remember to tune in next Wednesday when our 12 remaining stars turn up the heat with either an Argentine Tango or a Paso Doble. Until then, I'm Kendall Schmidt.
Brittany: And I'm Brittany Brannon. Good night and thanks for watching.

Cast dances gathers around Cody and Lil Wayne, credits roll, camera fades out

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