Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): This season on Dancing with the Stars (clips from Week 12 play)... 20 stars all took to the floor to determine who the best of the group was. One after one, 17 of our 20 have been sent home to determine Sandra Bullock, Cher, and Tom Hanks as the finalists. 

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Tonight, Season 4 comes to a spectacular closure as we announce the winners. After the best finals we've ever seen (clips from Finals shown; mirrorball shown), plus hard work throughout the entire season, will we be in for an unexpected surprise? LIVE! This is the Finale of Dancing with the Stars!
Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): This week on Dancing with the Stars (clips from Week 8 play)... Sandra was "True Hollywood Glamor", Hank's scores suffered greatly, Cher showed her sweet side, and Tom scored a perfect 40, landing in first place, yet again!

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Tonight... We have our stars competing in a special Game Day and Kanye West stops by for a song. After such a thrilling week of double scores, are we in for a surprise ending like we saw last week? (more clips shown) Find out. LIVE! This is... Dancing with the Stars!

Week 8



Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): Last week… (clips of week 7) Everything that was unexpected happened. Sandra had a wardrobe malfunction, Reese and Valerie had a dispute, Tom and Kym won the Jitterbug marathon, and Peta was called a chicken.

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): But the real shock didn’t happen until Rihanna and Zac Efron were eliminated (clip of eliminations). This week… (training clips shown) All 8 of our surprising survivors will dance once for two sets of scores. After such an unexpected week, are we in for another now? LIVE! This is Dancing with the Stars!
Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): On Wednesday, all 10 of our couples danced a new dance they had not performed yet. (clips from Week 7 are shown). Sandra suffered a wardrobe malfunction (clip of Sandra's mishap), Peta was called a chicken, (clip of Peta Murgatroyd), Rihanna suffered low scores (clip of Rihanna), and Reese and Valerie went at it (clip of Reese getting mad). Tonight, in our last double elimination of the season, we say goodbye to two more of our stars. After so many mishaps this week, how will it all end? (more clips shown) Find out. LIVE! This is... Dancing with the Stars!

Week 7


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Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): Last week on Dancing with the Stars... Sandra hit near perfection (clip of Sandra's dance), but Zooey failed to hit the mark (clip of Zooey's dance). And after a guest judging stint from Max Gao, we lost Logan Lerman and Zooey Deschanel (clip of elimination).

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Tonight, Our remaining ten couples dance two dances… one being a marathon! Who will survive the halfway point of the competition? (training clips shown) Live! This is Dancing with the Stars!
Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): On Wednesday, all 12 of our couples danced either a technical Argentine Tango or a passionate Paso Doble. (clips from Week 6 are shown). Sandra scored top honors again (clip of Sandra's dance) and Zooey's Paso fell flat. (clip of Zooey's dance). 

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Tonight, find out who did not make the cut for next week's competition. After so many twists and turns this week, what on earth will happen? (more clips shown) Find out. LIVE! This is... Dancing with the Stars!

Week 6



Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): Last week, Sandra and Tom took it to the max with a Viennese Waltz that captured everyone’s heart (clips of Sandra and Tom) but Reese and Cody found themselves in trouble and in deep because of a major age difference. (clips of Reese and Cody). Cody was the first to leave, but then Lil Wayne was also sent off (clip of Lil Wayne and Nicole being eliminated).

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Tonight, we have our first real guest judge… Carrie Ann’s personal friend, Max Gao (shot of Max Gao). And he's not going easy! Who will conquer Tango to perfection? And who won't be able to Paso the Doble? Live… This is Dancing with the Stars!
Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): On Wednesday, we saw the unprecedented and unexpected as our celebrities danced with each other. (clips from Week 5 are shown). And with guest judges handing out numerous 10's, (clips of 10's being awarded from guest judges), we saw the leaderboard change in such a dramatic way (changes between Week 4 & 5 leaderboard shown). 

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Tonight, we shall learn which two celebrities were the weakest at holding their own with another star. After such a hectic week, will we be in for a shocker tonight? (more clips shown) Find out. LIVE! This is... Dancing with the Stars!

Week 5



Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): Last week...Sandra shot to the top (clips of Sandra's perfect dance/score), Tom Hanks scored the first 10 of the season (clip of Tom's dance and score) and Oprah lost her cool (clip of Oprah storming off stage). But unfortunately, the talk show diva left, alongside Lady Gaga (clip of Lady Gaga being eliminated, large boos) were eliminated. Tonight, we are in for a shock as our stars dance with each other! 

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): And we also see the return of some of our favorite past DWTSGame stars! Which couples will rule the dance floor and which will have four left feet? Live…This is Dancing with the Stars!
Kendall Schmidt (voiceover): On Wednesday, all 16 of our remaining stars danced again for your votes (clips from Week 4 are shown). This time... 10's were handed out like popsicles (clips of 10's being awarded), Oprah stormed off stage (clips of Oprah), and Sandra scored the earliest 40 in DWTSGame History (clips of Sandra's scoring). 

Brittany Brannon (voiceover): Tonight, we must let two more of our celebrities go. Only 4 days away from our first ever Partner Ditch dances, who will miss out on dancing with another fellow competitor? (more clips shown) Find out. LIVE! This is... Dancing with the Stars!